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Forum Rules [ Read me must ]

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Forum Rules [ Read me must ]

Postby kp » Fri Feb 22, 2013 11:43 am

Board Rules :

• Post everything in the right section. If anyone post in wrong section then the post will be locked by our team. That mean you need to post in right section to get our support.

• Always describe about your post which helpful for the viewers. It helps the users to know what they are downloading. Use Screen-shot for each movie post if you can. It may helps users to know about the resolution of the movie.

• Please do not use anykind of threat for any users which may hampers. No abusive or bad word is allow here. Abuser or bad poster will be warned for three time. If he/she continue that then will be permanently ban from our forum.

• Before posting use search option to be sure that no one post that kind of topic in here before you.

• For anykind of discussion and debating things the Admin's or Moderators decisions will be final.

• Spam is never allow in here. Every spam posting will be deleted & warned for the next time.

• Private massage abusing should be warned in time also if anyone have prove with screen-shot .

• Any attempt to use offensive, derogatory and provocative language will be met with an instant ban.

• Any attempt to break down the site will draw an instant ban.

• No advertising through PMs, advertising other forums on Techmediatune is not allowed.

• Respect all members of staff - listen to their final decisions - do not attempt to argue.

Avatar Rules :

• Your Avatar size should be within dimension 300 pixels, height: 500 pixels. Use Image link if you can't upload the image with its properties

• Avatar size should not be larger than 60KB.

• Don't use anyone else's avatar or sig or you may be asked to remove it.

• Nudity or abusive actions / Images are not allowed in avatar.

• Avatars with links of other sites/forums are not allowed.

Signature Rules:

• Your Signature size should be within dimension 400 X 150 pixels.

• Nudity or abusive actions / Images are not allowed in signature.
• Signature with links of other sites/forums is not allowed.

When Posting:

• Not leave live links in any Download post use code tags. [*code][/code]

• We will allow only clear cut post - Such as descriptions and that they are tidy for viewers to read! ( Please try your hardest to provide an image and brief info about the posts! ) If you don't post a description - You will be told and given 3 days to edit it.

• Provide a password if necessary.

• NOT To post any of the following type of XXX :

When Requesting:

• Requests can only be made in the proper requesting section.

• Members MUST have minimal requirements to request.

• Please be sure you search our board before making a request. ( A topic may already exist.)

• Do not request a large ammount at once.

Things to Remember:

• The staff cannot look through every new post in a day, please help to keep this forum clean and organized by reporting posts, posting in the correct section, etc.

• We are doing our best to keep Techmediatune a family for everyone, please be patient if you PM us and we do not reply immediately

• We are not held responsible for the content posted on this forum. We do not host any of the content on our servers.

• We appreciate the time you took to read the rules.

Kind Regards
TMT Team
Forum Rules [ Read me must ]
Forum Rules [ Read me must ]
Forum Rules [ Read me must ]
See Forum rules from Here
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